Canadian player Gambit360 won the high stakes SCOOP #31 event winning $160,000 cash money. 151 players entered the $2,100 buy-in tournament for a total prize pool of $696,000, smashing the $400,000 guarantee. The tournament featured 1 rebuy in the first two hours, and one add-on. 110 players rebought and 87 added on in total.

The longest lasting member of Team PokerStars was Irish pro J. Thaddeus who finished 12th for $15,660.

With four players left in the tournament Gambit360 had a huge chip lead with 610,000 in chips. DooshDotCom had 175,000 in second, Eleint had 159,000 in chips, while Moorman1 trailed with 96,000 in chips. Eleint was eliminated with shortly after.

With three players remaining, Moorman1 was next to go, getting it all in preflop with 22 vs Gambit360 on the button with KK to win a 215,000 pot all in preflop. Heads up, DooshDotCom held, 320,000 in chips, versus, Gambit360 with 708,000. To pound the nail into the coffin Gambit360 wins a huge pot with AQo versus DooshDotCom with A3o.

This tournament featured 215 entrants duking it out for a $325,000 Guarantee which turned into 1128 entries, 829 rebuys, and 579 add-ons. 144 places were paid.

Patinho from Spain came in and booked 먹튀검증사이트 the key win. With four players left Patinho took down a huge pot of 1,790,000 chips with A10 versus QJ all in preflop to knock out sviestas. At that point blinds were at 17.5k/35k and some huge pots went down all in preflop, leaving it just three left.

Shortly after UnluckyBS lost all in preflop with A4o versus 88, and like the Thunderdome, it was down to two. As the saying goes, “two men enter, one man leaves”. Patinho77 won one last huge pot holding 88, turned set, versus Mr.Ingenious with Qc8c with pair plus flush draw. For his efforts Patinho77 wins $88,658 and the right to call himself a SCOOP 2011 champion.

SCOOP #35 High Buyin

Nine players entered this high stakes heads-up event, which featured the likes of PokerStars pros Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier and Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom. The buy-in was $25,500 with a $250,000 guarantee. High stakes heads-up is unquestionably one of the most exciting forms of poker, this tournament was no exception. Opponents were paired randomly and these pros went to work on each other.

Swedish poker pro, Isildur1, who is acknowledged, as one of the top, heads up NLHE players in the world, wasn’t able to get it going this tournament, and will have to in the mean time settle for his SuperStar Showdowns.

Elky impressively won first place along with $112,500. Elky to date has won a WPT Tour Event, the PCA Main Event, EPT High Roller Event and a WCOOP bracelet. And now add to that a SCOOP event! This was the only event in the 2011 SCOOP to have an overlay, and it featured the most expensive buy-in, $25,000 with the smallest player field, nine.

In the finals against Iftarii Elky found himself down 3-1 in chips. Elky battled back to take a chip lead, 14,000-6,000, and on the fourth level all the money went in preflop. Elky held AJ versus Iftarii with 77, and Elky spiked the ace for the win and championship!

SCOOP #35 Medium Buy-in

This $2,600 buy-in attracted 152 entrants and produced a prize pool of $380,000. 32 players got paid.

In the finals Treezer faced ChrisFun123 with starting stacks of 10,000 chips and 25/50 blinds. The two players quickly decided on a chop giving each player $77,000 and playing for the reaming $5200.

SCOOP #37 High Buy-In

This second to last event brought a NL-Holdem 6-max 2 day format. For the high limit buy-in 558 entrants created a prize pool of $1,116,000. Hahila from Denmark wins $212,040, beating out 16 players after 7 hours on day two.

Thanks to events such as this one, the 2011 SCOOP this year was massive, with a total prize pool of $43,165,800!

Halila made some big moves on day two of the tournament, to quickly move up the ranks after starting the day in fifth place. In spectacular fashion Halila doubled up three times through the same player, danceofdead, to find himself go from the short stack, to being in the running for the chip lead!

Going into heads up it was Halila with 3.6 Million versus Hagbar55 with 1.8 Million. After an hour and a half of tense heads up play, all the chips went in preflop with Halila holding AQo versus AJ, and faded the suckout to win a 2011 SCOOP watch and $212,040!

Nineteen players returned for day two out of  3775 players total. The prize pool came out to $755,000 with filthyfish from, Norway, booking the win  after 4 hours, worth $117,025.

SCOOP #37 Low Buy-In

Thirteen players came back on day two, out of a massive day one total of 17,876, making this one of the largest player fields of the SCOOP. This brought the total prize pool to $357,529.

Thirteen players survived till day two for a $357,529 prize pool. After 3 hours of play, lehout from the Netherlands, won $40,406 after making a final table deal.