Over the past few months we’ve seen our players win entry to the biggest live tournaments through our satellites. This includes our recent Choose Your Own Seat series, and on Saturday we found yet another $12,500 winner!

99 players sat down, and one left with a live entry package. The online tournament lasted for over 3.5 hours, and eventually heads-up play began between sanghoki and vegasbound14.

Neither player picked up much of a hand, but vegasbound14 limped in to see the flop. The flop was huge – 3s Ad Ac, and MoosePuppyMN bet out with 4000 chips. vegasbound14 came over the top all in, and was called.

vegasbound14 isn’t heading to Vegas just yet – his bluff holding Kh 6s failed, with MoosePuppyNM holding 8c 3h for two pair.

We’ll be seeing MoosePuppyNM hitting the tables this year at a major event along with fellow CYOS winner and future WSOP entrant Josekk, and we will keep you posted on all our players globetrotting to play in the biggest tournaments of 2008.

The Super Bowl skill continues

Right now we are running an one-off Super Bowl event, a $10 buy-in tournament with a value of $521 added to the prize pool. In yesterday’s big game, there was a total of 521 passing yards, so we were quick to add that amount as a bonus!

The blinds are currently at 150/300, and a total of 289 players sat down to the action. Rebuys are allowed, so the prize pool continues to grow, with the first place winner set to receive over $1100. There’s still a long way to go until we find the Super Bowl champion, but we will certainly let you know when the final cards hit the board and the cash is taken down!

You can rail all the action in your poker software. Simply look for the Superbowl XLII tournament under Tournaments >> Scheduled >> Special. Good luck to our players!

Last minute win at Aussie Millions

All our players did CarbonPoker proud at the 2008 Aussie Millions, but one too many bad beats and bluffs saw four eliminations too many. However, in the Turbo Hold’em Event, a ferocious lennie10 scored a fifth-place finish good for a $13,358 payday. Seen here enjoying a tasty Aussie meal after the Main Event, it was nothing compared to the smile he would have after the turbo cash!

The 253-player field was tough, and the $1,100 buy-in no chump change. lennie10 made the right plays at the right times during the turbo tournament – this means faster blind levels a strict thirty second time frame in which to act.