I don’t think this is too subtle…

Say you’re a kid and you’ve been playing ball in the same sand lot since you could hold a bat upright. All the kids in the neighborhood play, and though it gets a little loud sometimes, most of the neighborhood parents put up with it. First of all, it’s America’s game. Second of all, if all the kids are in one place, it’s pretty easy to keep an eye on them. I mean, from a parent’s perspective, it’s a hell of a lot better than the kids running off to some other Situs Judi Slot where they might get rolled for their milk money.

Like any neighborhood, though, there is that crazy old dude who lives in the house that everybody believes is haunted. He’s a codger and, when the mood strikes him, he stands on his front porch and yells at all the kids to stop being so loud. He’s a frightening son of a bitch, but he generally stays in the confines of his musty old place and doesn’t do any more than put a scare into most people.

Of course, there comes a day when Johnny Two-Ears fouls one off and the ball lands on the edge of the old guy’s property. Making the matter worse, the old dude’s dog runs up, grabs the ball, and drops it on the guy’s front porch.

Without a ball, you’re left with your bat and your gloves. Your parents aren’t going to get you a new ball this year. And so, if you want a game, you gotta go get the ball.

After much gnashing of teeth, Paddy Pug-Snout says he’ll go up to the porch and get the ball, but only if everybody will walk into the yard with him and back him up.

Paddy hasn’t done much for the ball game. Everybody puts him in right field. He rarely gets a hit. Nonetheless, he evens up the teams and his mom will sometimes send him to the game with cookies. So, you keep him around.

It doesn’t take long for people to start whispering.

Joey Two-Ears says, “Just send him to get the ball by himself. If he gets it, great. If not, well, then we’re no worse off than we are now.”

Lance “Marmoset” McGill says, “Why should we bother backing him up now? It’s not like he’s done anything for us before.”

Sally “In the” Stands says, “No one has ever really given Paddy a chance to do anything. Now is his first real opportunity. All you have to do is stand behind him.”

So, I ask you…

What do you do?