Co-founders in a trust startup

If you are the first person to think of an idea and truly feel passionate about executing it, you may chose to bring in other co-founders along with you. A few points I want to mention from observations in other start-ups and my own experience. 1.Firstly it’s a debatable point whether you should have the […]

indo88 Today was good

  Lots of positive karma thrown my way by the poker gods as I settled back into my SNG games. Mixed a $5, 45-seat SNG in there, too, and managed to finish 2nd despite being in the bottom 3 stacks from about 35 players on. My middle and baby pairs held up for me today. […]

Aggression (new usa online casinos 2022 real money)

  In the game of poker, opens and raises are considered aggressive plays, while calls and checks are considered passive (though a check-raise would be considered a very aggressive play). It is said that “aggression has its own value”, meaning that often aggressive plays can make money with weak hands because of bluff value. In […]

On the situs online cusp of what?

  I don’t think there’s a blogger in the blogosphere who can knock me out of the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. And I’m so confident that I’ve convinced Lee Jones himself to put a bounty on my head. Bust me, and you get a seat into the WSOP 150 Seat Guaranteed tournament. […]

Ball boy Situs Judi Slot

Situs Judi Slot

  I don’t think this is too subtle… Say you’re a kid and you’ve been playing ball in the same sand lot since you could hold a bat upright. All the kids in the neighborhood play, and though it gets a little loud sometimes, most of the neighborhood parents put up with it. First of […]

I think I have a guilty sbo conscience.

  The Country Club Game It was 11:30am Saturday morning and I was speeding down a two-lane highway south of my little burg. A bar singer from my original hometown belted out of the CD player with the words “No one’s gonna stop to pick up a stranger, and the sbo stranger that you look, the […]

Another Choose Your sanghoki Own Seat winner

  Over the past few months we’ve seen our players win entry to the biggest live tournaments through our satellites. This includes our recent Choose Your Own Seat series, and on Saturday we found yet another $12,500 winner! 99 players sat down, and one left with a live entry package. The online tournament lasted for […]

Learn 50 Ways (Plus 30 Extra Ones!) To Market Real Estate Online

Real estate social media marketing

  One of the better things to come out of the Inman conference last week was a presentation by Trulia’s Jamie Glenn regarding 50 Ways to Real estate social media marketing. Here is the PDF containing the original 50, and here is the video of the presentation (starts at about 17 mins). However, this list […]

Starting From slothoki Scratch

  My bankroll at Ultimate Bet is $0.00. Over at Empire Poker, it’s $0.00. At little-used U Play slothoki it’s $0.28 (I’m not sure how to blow the rest of that). Don’t worry. I didn’t go on the craziest tilt of my life. I actually made a withdraw of as much as I could before my […]

먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2011 Events 31, 35, 37 Results

Canadian player Gambit360 won the high stakes SCOOP #31 event winning $160,000 cash money. 151 players entered the $2,100 buy-in tournament for a total prize pool of $696,000, smashing the $400,000 guarantee. The tournament featured 1 rebuy in the first two hours, and one add-on. 110 players rebought and 87 added on in total. The […]