Co-founders in a trust startup

If you are the first person to think of an idea and truly feel passionate about executing it, you may chose to bring in other co-founders along with you. A few points I want to mention from observations in other start-ups and my own experience. 1.Firstly it’s a debatable point whether you should have the […]

Blackjack Card Counting – Different먹튀검증업체 

  먹튀검증업체  card counting is one of the only guaranteed methods of beating any casino game and it’s 100% legal as well, meaning learning this skill is an extremely sought-after thing to have and learn. There are many different methods of learning how to do this — some more effective than others — and I’m […]

Meet the bling2 Pro – Arnold Spee

It takes commitment to be a successful bling2 player. Arnold Spee has that in abundance. Spee has worn the 2005 World Poker Challenge in Reno and has got a great start by collecting $663,880 as the first prize. Spee says he always loved playing cards. Earlier he played Canasta with his parents, while on holiday. […]

Google Australia in trouble, for violation of Australian Advertising Law

  World’s premier search engine, Google has been showcasing “illegal” slot online and gambling sites on the Internet. In doing so, it has violated the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, in Australia. Google Australia, is facing flak for giving advertising links to gambling and poker sites online, during its search results. Australian law does not […]


Such is his work ethic, Cronulla, New South Wales and Australia second rower has been installed as the $6.50 favourite by online bookmaker AGEN138 to be the player who gains the most metres during the 2022 NRL season. Not only is Gallen the only player in single figures, the next ten players in the market […]

THE PERFECT READ Casino Malaysia

At APL at the local tavern tonight, usual mix of donkeys and semi to fully obnoxious players. I really think that is what puts me on tilt more than anything else. I just do not like to see some surly, rude and barely literate tosser taking down Casino Malaysia, and after a while find my […]

Obama on GOP: Helping Rich People Binds Them Together!

  President Barack Obama said on Al Sharpton’s radio show that the one thing holding the Republican party together these days is its love of rich people. Obama said on Al Sharpton’s radio show: “My sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations.” […]

Lasers in Plastic Surgery-Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing

If you’re considering laser resurfacing … What You Need to Know Choose a surgeon you can trust Plastic surgery involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Choosing an ASPS Member Surgeon ensures that you have selected a physician who: Has completed at least five years of surgical […]

John Russell quotes live vs online poker

  This particular estimate from baseball player Micheal Russell applies to help more than just his sport. The best method to get better at shooting free throws is usually to practice shooting free tosses. The best way in order to get better in floating around is to get within the pool plus frolic in the […]

slot onlain FTW

I got WINE working on my new Ubuntu install so I was able to download Pokerstars. Had one instance where everything froze when I was holding QQ, but other than that everything seemed to work fine. I mis-read the email from slot onlain that said Top 3 get a seat in their final, and played to win. […]

indo88 Today was good

  Lots of positive karma thrown my way by the poker gods as I settled back into my SNG games. Mixed a $5, 45-seat SNG in there, too, and managed to finish 2nd despite being in the bottom 3 stacks from about 35 players on. My middle and baby pairs held up for me today. […]