Volkswagen is the Envy of the Premium Car World with 3 Ultra-Lux Brands

Unless youre a car enthusiast you may not know what a Bugatti is, but to those on the inside the storied automakers upcoming model is probably the most intoxicating car to ever grace the planet.

The EB16.4 Veyrons quad-turbocharged 8.0-L W16 engine will boast the highest specific output of any production car, nothing short of 987-hp.

Factoring in its extremely lightweight carbon-fiber and aluminum construction, 7-speed dual-clutch paddle shift gearbox and all-wheel drive traction; the Veyron will be capable of ridiculously short sprints to highway speeds.

How ridiculous? Take a deep breath because the Bugattis G forces might leave you gasping as it darts to 60 mph in all but 2.8 seconds, maxing out at an officially claimed 252 mph. It reportedly remains stable at all speeds due to an aerodynamic shape with high downforce characteristics, as well as its reasonably hefty 3,500 lb curb weight.

Such performance numbers eclipse any road going car to date, even the legendary McLaren F1 and spectacular new Ferrari Enzo.

Of note, this latest EB16.4 version of the Veyron, in what has been a very long ramp up to production, features one visible modification. Due to the cars high top speed Bugatti felt it necessary to add an escape route for trapped air behind the front wheel wells, therefore vents have been added just aft of the wheel cutouts.

As expected the worlds quickest and fastest production vehicle will also be one of the most expensive, with some estimates approaching and possibly even surpassing one million dollars.


With that expense is exclusivity, as Volkswagen, Bugattis parent company, plans on hand-building only 50 copies per year.


Incidentally, along with premium brand Audi, Volkswagen AG also owns sportscar marque Lamborghini and luxury brand Bentley, making its lineup of top-tier toys the envy of all competitors.