Lots of positive karma thrown my way by the poker gods as I settled back into my SNG games. Mixed a $5, 45-seat SNG in there, too, and managed to finish 2nd despite being in the bottom 3 stacks from about 35 players on. My middle and baby pairs held up for me today. Lucky to get them when I did, and I was so short that my decisions were easy. Had very positive results in my single-table games and recovered most of a slide I experienced in my single-table games last week (five consecutive days of negative results) in about 3 table hours. Fortunately, I have no ego or pride about moving back down, and kept the damage to a minimum while I worked through it and re-plugged my indo88 leaks.

Well, that, and the bad beats stopped for little while… ;-))

No micro-buy-in, big field MTTs today. Feeling a little burnt out on them after a minor cash in the wee hours last night. I got severely short-stacked and crawled into the money. Once there, I pushed with QT UTG (I think my M may have been 2, I’d have had to go in with my BB on the next hand anyway), and got bounced by KQ. Wished everyone a good night and good luck, just thankful it was over for me.

I took that as a sign to quit them for a few days. I need to start final-tabling, not cashing, to make them worth my time.

Not including the SNG MTTs, I’ve played 14 big-field MTTs in the last 14 days, cashing 4 times and bubbling once. A lot of table hours for very little ROI, but fantastic experience, nonetheless. In the same period, I played 6 SNG MTTs, cashing in 4 for a much better ROI. I mostly play them because I suck so bad when it comes to making the final table in my deep runs – I’m trying to learn some, and perhaps develop some “muscle memory” for lack of a better phrase, about handling the deep end of a tournament. It isn’t an exact science, but it’s the best I can do without spending 4 hours getting to that last 45 seats. Today I got to experience crawling in as a short-stack, something I’ve never been good about in the latter stages of the big-field tournaments.

Um, yeah, they’re also pretty soft… I suck, after all, as anyone that’s played with me can attest.


Re-discovering my aggression.

One of my worst leaks is not being aggressive enough when I’m seeing the hit parade of bad beats, bad cards, or just plain bad luck. It all ends with the same thing from me: bad play.

Seems like every time I decide to just “play right”, make solid PF raises and continuation bets, things magically get better.

Magic. Go figger.


Re: Internet porn

What is this? Are you telling me I can see pictures of nekkid women on the computer?

This Internet thingy might just catch on…


I took another shot today… at the $105 Turbo…

No, didn’t cash this time… but I’ll be back… I don’t know if it was just because it was Friday and the wild men are out or what, but it was rocking! Lots of all-in’s on the flop with 2nd pair and bottom pair… and some of those were CALLING all-in with those hands!

Oh. My.

I got bounced by a 3-outer when the SB tried to steal with A8s in level 5 and I was holding QQ in the BB. He put it all-in PF, so I didn’t hesitate with my call. We both had big stacks relative to the table with M’s in the 11-12 range, so there was plenty of room to maneuver. It was an obvious steal, absolutely no attempt to get any value on his hand. And this was going on all over the place. Wild!

And, again, I’m fine with it. I love knowing these kind of juicy games are out there. I’ll take another shot soon.

Anyway, today was definitely Friday the 13th at the tables. No, I’m not going to re-hash it all. Suffice it to say, I’m fine with MY play and MY decisions, but that 3-outer wasn’t even the worst that happened to me today. I’ll sleep fine tonight, except for dreaming about getting back in that game.

As I move up through the levels, it seems there are more players with the mindset of wanting to build a big stack early or bust out. Especially the 55 and 105 turboes. Probably multi-tablers wanting to get a stack they can sit on until they cash. Fine with me. The multi-tablers are making way more per hour than I am. I just haven’t built up my multi-table skills enough to compete that way. But, I’ll go out on a limb and say that a solid, tight-aggressive SNG player focusing on one game is never a dog to someone with 8 tables going, regardless of their bankroll or how many hands they’ve played. Break-even to small edge, perhaps, but never a dog.

Like I said, I’ll be back. This $114 was just an investment.