I don’t think there’s a blogger in the blogosphere who can knock me out of the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. And I’m so confident that I’ve convinced Lee Jones himself to put a bounty on my head.

Bust me, and you get a seat into the WSOP 150 Seat Guaranteed tournament. That’s right. Bust me, and get a great shot at a seat in the Main Event. If you don’t know, that tournament entry fee is $370. That’s how much faith Lee Jones has in me beating all of you. He’s putting $370 of his own dollars on the line. It’s not like they’re making money hand over fist over there. They need every dollar they can scrape together in this difficult economy.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Just make sure you get in behind, because if I have outs, you’re going down. I’m The situs online . And don’t you forget it!


In completely unrelated news, I’ve been remiss in failing to link up the fine folks at Wicked Chops Poker. These guys got a great thing going over there. Plus, they just featured one of my favorite writers, Jen Leo (and that smile ain’t half bad either!). So go check them out and maybe even add them to your bloglines, too.

Ever get the feeling you are right on the edge of something? Every once in a while, I have some sort of premonition (not so much otherworldly as biological) that I’m either about to fall off a cliff or fall off a cliff and land in a featherbed full of millionaire virgins.

Or something like that.

And that is where I sit right now. It’s a feeling of anticipation that I assume is brought on by the fact I’m heading out for the World Series of Poker in ten days. While not so much poker related, I sum up part of this presumption over at Rapid Eye Reality.

And there’s something else, too. I feel like I am either on the verge of poker ruin or a big poker win. It’s a bit of a dangerous place to be, I think. A few days ago, I chopped a large-for-the-locale live tournament for a nice little profit. That win came after two straight months of cash game losses. I’ve also been going deep in some of the larger online tournaments recently. Unfortunately, it’s not been deep enough to…well, feel it.

I have no way to really explain how my noodle is working right now. At the halfway point in the year, I am stuck in cash games and comfortably in the black in tournaments. Frankly, I am not at all happy about it. I’d hoped to have my head on straight by now, but I’m like a whiplash victim without the benefit of pain killers.

Regardless, six weeks of Vegas looms. A large majority of that time will be spent working, but I’m hoping to work in a little cash game poker and a couple of WSOP events while I’m there.

I wish I had something more to offer in terms of critical thinking or storytelling. Right now, though, I got nothin’.

Here’s to me hoping the cliff has a featherbed at the bottom.