Disgruntled RX-8 Owners Will Be Compensated

The news that Mazda had configured the new RX-8s horsepower figures inaccurately couldnt have come at a worse time for the Ford Motor Company owned Japanese brand, as it is working hard to remake its sporting image.

Fortunately for Mazda, the rotary engine is only available in the one model, with the rest of the lineup relying on more conventional inline 4-cylinder and V6 power. Hyundai wasnt so lucky, when it announced not too long ago wholesale reductions to the horsepower figures involving almost all the cars in its lineup.

This is also not an entirely new experience for Mazda, having overstated its revised Miata (MX-5) roadster horsepower figures in 2001.

A Mazda spokesman officially stated the RX-8 makes less power than originally advertised. Higher-powered 6-speed models produce 238-hp instead of the 247-hp original specification, a 9-hp reduction, while the lower-power engine mated to automatic transmission RX-8s is 10-hp deficient, developing only 197-hp rather than 207.

How could Mazda have made such a blunder? According to the spokesman, original horsepower figures were estimates made before Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification, with the updated numbers the result of EPA certification.

As expected customers that anted up the reasonable, but still considerable $25,180 to $35,454 to purchase a new RX-8, are all but pleased to hear the news. Cars started to roll into showrooms in early July with the news of the reduced horsepower ratings becoming known on August 26.

To compensate Mazda is offering free scheduled maintenance for the cars entire comprehensive warranty period, 36 months or 50,000 miles, which is a $1,200 value. Mazda will also throw in a $500 debit card, just to ease the pain.

For those who would rather not keep their new RX-8, Mazda will buy it back for the original purchase price.
To be reasonable, while the horsepower figures are less by 3.6 percent in 6-speed and 4.8 percent in automatic models, the cars 6.6 second 0 to 60 mph sprint (6-speed) remains the same. Only the knowledge of less horsepower has changed.
It is expected that the majority of RX-8 customers will keep their cars, being that the sporty 4-door, 4-seat coupe is completely unique in the marketplace and still offers extremely good performance.